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The Top 3 Gifts Moms Love

April 17th, 2014 • Posted by Lavender Spa • Permalink

Every mom deserves a little pampering. If you're looking for a few gift ideas for your mom - look no further. Treating your mom to spa services doesn't have to break the bank. Head our way and look into these three affordable treats for that special woman in your life.


A facial is like a massage for the face. This treatment exfoliates the skin, leaving it fresh and youthful looking. A facial is a great gift for a first time spa goer. It's a good way to introduce your mom to the relaxing spa atmosphere, but repeat customers love facials too. They typically last about 30 minutes and we offer a variety of facials to select from.


A manicure and pedicure combo is always a great gift. This gift is more than just a coat of polish. By selecting a deluxe package your mom gets pampered with foot massages, soothing lotions and stylish nails.


If you're willing to spend a little more money, a massage is the way to go. An hour-long massage will turn your mom into a whole new woman. She can check her stress at the door and let our skilled therapist wipe away the tension trapped in her body. Don't be overwhelmed by the variety of massages offered, just ask us what's best for your mom. Whether you opt for a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage, your mom won't be disappointed.

Of course, you can always go for a gift card. This way your mom can pick her preferred method of pampering. When in doubt, just ask , we're here to help.

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