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Rejuvenate Yourself

June 18th, 2014 • Posted by Lavender Spa • Permalink

Without being in a circus, we have perfected the skill of juggling. Our days are packed with lists and duties and needs. We try to fit in more and more on less and less. Anxiety levels and high blood pressure are on the rise, but how often are these lists and duties really for ourselves? Usually we are working for someone else, keeping appointments with others, and doing things that we have to instead of wanting to. Where are we in this mix? When do we honor ourselves?

It is rare to even have the time to focus on ourselves and in our society it has been termed "selfish". However, if we don't take care of ourselves, who will? This is a necessity before all of the other duties can even be done. Selfishness is a skill that is essential for health and happiness.

We are giving you a new part-time job called selfishness and we will even throw in health benefits. All we need you to do is show up on time and we will indulge you in your scheduled massage. This is your pass to full relaxation with benefits to your body. And the more selfish you are, the better. We want to know what type of massage you want, and how you prefer we spend our time with you. The more information you give your therapist, the better, because we can tailor the treatment to your specifics.

To benefit fully from your massage, it is best to tell your therapist as much as you can about what you need and any limitations that you may have. It is scheduled time for you and your needs. Putting yourself first will allow you to have the resources within to check off everything on your list and still have energy left over.

We will see you for your next massage and necessary time for you.

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