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Fresh Spring Nails

April 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Lavender Spa • Permalink

Shed those winter blues and step into spring with our revitalizing hand and foot treatments, and the latest nail lacquers. So often winter months deplete your hands and feet of moisture. All that artificially-heated air inside and cold weather outside renders your hands dull, crackled and dry. Your poor feet, hidden beneath socks and boots for months, probably scream for hydration. Bring your hands and feet back to life with rejuvenating spa manicures and spa pedicures. Then brighten them with a fresh coat of color.

Operation Restoration

Enjoy a restorative hand treatment or spa manicure. Ideal for tired, chapped hands, our treatments include all the pampering that comes with our standard manicure, plus an invigorating scrub and soothing massage.

Choose from hydrating services, like a paraffin treatment for softer, subtle hands that also minimize signs of aging.

Ask our nail specialists about treatments and products that can help strengthen brittle nails. If you want to transition from acrylics to natural nails, we can establish a series of treatments to improve the overall health of your hands.

Put your best foot forward with one of our pampering pedicures. Designed to relax and renew, our pedicures leave your feet silky smooth. We incorporate enhanced exfoliation and hydration with our spa pedicures, as well as reflexology inspired massage. We also apply hydrating creams or oils that help vanquish calluses, revitalize worn cuticles and bring new life to weary feet.

Posh Polish

Spring is a time of renewal. So what better time to try new nail colors?

Nail polish manufactures release new trends in the spring, just like fashion designers. Ask our nail technicians about the latest color trends, lacquers and looks available. Experimenting with color enhances the mood as well as your nails.

Consider adding a little bling this spring, with nail embellishments and appliqués. Like fashion accessories, nail embellishments --- such as a rhinestone on a big toe --- add dazzle to a new pair of sandals. A coat of glitter over lacquer produces a stunning look that transitions well from day to night.

Spring is also the season for weddings, commencements and brunches. Try pretty pastels for a soft look or an elegant French manicure for more formal occasions.

No matter what the occasion, treat yourself to hand or foot treatments this spring; the season that provides nature's door to brighter days ahead.

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