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Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Nails

November 3rd, 2013 • Posted by Lavender Spa • Permalink

Are you jealous of all those ladies you see with gorgeous long nails?  Today, we offer a number of options for artificial nails; from wraps that take a variety of colors and striking patterns to gel nails that look just like your own nails, only better.

Artificial Nail Types

  • Wraps: Commonly made of silk or fiberglass, wraps are just what they sound like. Nail wraps are designed to be fashion-forward instead of natural looking. Each of your natural nails s wrapped with a layer of resin. After the resin wrap is applied, our nail technician applies nail tips to lengthen your nails even more. Opaque polish or a pattern design is applied to each nail to finishes the look.
  • Acrylic Nails: With acrylic nails, each nail is covered with an adhesive acrylic border. Acrylic nails often have a natural looking color, although they can also be polished or decorated.
  • Gel Nails: If you want nails that look like your own, only better, gel nails are for you. Gel nails are applied onto your natural nails and hardened with ultraviolet light. When applied by a trained nail technician, the end result produces ten perfect nails. You can apply colored polish to gel nails or just leave them bare for a gorgeous natural look.

Care and Maintenance

Keeping artificial nails looking their best is not as high maintenance as you may think. Book an appointment for a touch-up every two to three weeks, depending on how quickly your natural nails grow. Wear gloves when you do manual tasks like garden work or washing dishes to prevent possible damage to your artificial nails. Give your natural nails a break from artificial nails every two to three months - a professional manicure will keep your nails looking good while you're waiting to start wearing artificial nails again.

Why Professional Nails Are Superior

Of course, you could save money by purchasing inexpensive artificial nail tips at your local drug store, but that can be a penny wise and pound foolish approach. You simply cannot achieve the same results at home that our skilled technicians can accomplish. Also, if you are careless about applying your artificial nails, a gap can develop between your natural nail and the artificial nail, which invites bacteria to grow.

Feel free to come in and get all of your questions answered by our skilled staff.

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